Project Description

The project "One Step Up" is implemented in a consortium of 5 partners which includes Romania, Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal.

"Learning to Learn" is an approach that helps young people to maximize their learning outcomes and
to update and improve their skills, so they can progress in the learning process. This transversal
competence supports the development of other key competences and focuses on: Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) skills; developing critical analysis skills and critical reflection;
problem solving; working with others; planning skills; skills to improve and direct their own learning to
help them become autonomous learners.

Why is learning to learn so important? In a constantly
changing labor and life environment, young people from disadvantaged categories have to rely on
skills and competences that can adapt to different contexts and can make them succeed.

The general aim of the project is to ensure better chances for young people in rural areas
and urban periphery areas to become aware of the learning process and to develop the transversal
learning to learn competence.

The project is developed as a tailored solution to the needs related to the learning to learn
competence expressed at local and regional level by youth workers and young people în the
countries and regions of the partner countries.

To ensure a proper budget management internal budget reviews will be set up on a six-monthly basis in addition to the official reports which have to be delivered to the NA. This offers the opportunity to every partner to have a better overview on its spending and the lead partner has an overview on the overall spending of the project.

Project and time management by project partners All project partners are responsible for the adequate running of the project and for delivering work as laid down in the contract and the consortium agreement.

This includes among others:

• Monitoring of and contributing to the project progress and success according to the work plan

• Securing that all deliverables are produced and delivered to the coordinator on time

• Respecting the additional internal budget reviews and deliver the required documents and information on time

The project is the result of common efforts and active participation of all partners. Each of the partners was involved in the process of elaboration of the project, putting its expertise and experience at the foundation of this construction. In addition, each of the partners has activated a local and regional community of youth workers and young people in order to identify the needs related to the learning to learn competence. The various staff members of the partner organization have a wide range of skills that will make it possible to produce high quality materials that respond to the needs of the market and to the needs identified as the starting point of this project. Each of the partners has assigned a project manager with considerable experience in managing European and international projects, with the purpose of conveying the project with optimist premises and a responsible working environment.