IO4 – Open platform and Video Training materials

The platform is not a dissemination platform, but an interactive space for youth workers and young people. It is built on the principle of open online education and it will provide solutions to make the learning to learn competence much more operational and adequate to the contemporary needs. The website will encompass several sections:

  1. Video training materials- with the possibility of accessing them online;
  2. Experience based tutorials of youth workers and young people;
  3. Tests aimed at identifying weaknesses of the participant in the learning process;
  4. Learning diaries – a tool supporting self-reflection in the learning process.

The platform and the video format will be enable us to develop more interactive case studies or real scenarios that will enlarge the educational framework. So, the website can be used as a complementary tool in learning to learn, but it can also be accessed independently through a basic log in process.

The contents are designed and produced both for guided teaching and individual learning experiences. More specifically, they will mainly make use of interactive case studies or scenarios based on real work-related topics that will require learners to take attitude, express opinions and decide on future action.

The impact of the platform is a major contribution to the development of the learning to learn approach to education. The platform is open for access through log in and will be promoted within the partnership, to its beneficiaries but also through the network of stakeholders. It will become an instrument used on large scale with significant impact.

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