IO3 – Learning Diaries Workbook

The learning diary is a tool developed for young people to engage in self-reflection activities related to training process at the end of each training. The diaries can be used together with the manual for youth workers, but they are designed for a different target group, i.e young people. The learning diaries will be printed in the format of a work notebook- with spaces to be filled in and notes to be taken. This learning material will create opportunities for young people to better understand what learning strategy best suits them. Moreover this type of tool is highly efficient in youth education- especially non-formal education, because it enables young people to become independent in the learning process- a competence that is transferable to the formal education system and also to professional training.

Following the pattern of the previous IO, the innovation of this IO consists in the four steps process that leads to the creation of the work notebook for young people:

  1. Development of the learning diary concept- the concept is based on the needs identified through the activity that support IO1- the needs analysis will reveal on which specific key competences do young people form rural areas and urban periphery areas need to develop and to work upon.
  2. Development of the learning diaries- partners in the consortium will work together to develop 15 learning diaries samples that will be reunited in the work notebook – the final product of this activity and IO3.
  3. Testing the learning diaries- after creating samples of learning diaries we will test them during the training with young people organized in this project, but also in parallel activities deployed by each of the partners in their region with young people from rural areas and young people from periphery urban areas.
  4. Work Notebook- the notebook will comprise the 1 learning diaries together with an introduction and guidelines to explain the correct use of the material. Guidelines are addressed both to youth workers and young people, depending on the context in which these notebooks will be used.

The Work Notebook based on diaries is a tool based on a needs analysis and a consistent evaluation of the state of the art as far as the learning to learn concept is concerned. Therefore, this IO is suited to a variety of non-formal education contexts but also to connected fields such as formal education and professional training.

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