C2 @Setubal, Portugal

This particular activity is aimed at testing over a period of 6 days IO2 and IO3, in order to improve
methodologies and to deliver a qualitative final project. Young people participating in this training will
be selected by each of the organizations through an open call.
Goals and results

  • The training concepts create skills for a better life and more chances at work
  • Young people will become more responsible in the act of learning and acquiring competences and
    will develop critical attitudes towards newly-acquired knowledge.
  • Maintaining young people’s motivation in learning
  • worksheets for the planned activities that can be photocopied and used during trainings.
  • Use of learning diary – a tool developed for young people to engage in self-reflection activities
    related to training process at the end of each training.
  • create opportunities for young people to better understand what learning strategy best suits them.
  • enabling young people to become independent in the learning process- a competence that is
    transferable to the formal education system and also to professional training.
    The training will take place in Setubal, and will benefit from the participation of the experts involved in
    the project and local and regional youth workers. The training will follow a strict schedule of 7 hours/a
    day, during 6 days.
    Day 1:
    Introduction of the objectives, introduction of the Erasmus Plus Programme
    Expectations towards the youth mobility and the learning experience
    IceBreaker Activities and Teambulding activities
    Day 2:
    Open space on the two methodologies developed in the project: learning to learn manual and
    learning diaries workbook
    Collecting feedback from participants
    Day 3:
    Testing the learning to learn methods of the manual (group activities)- this experience will be related
    to communication skills
    Day 4:
    Testing the learning to learn methods of the manual (role play)– this experience will be related to
    social skills
    Day 5:
    Testing learning diaries instruments- this experience will be related to entrepreneurial skills
    Day 6:
    Conclusions on the effectiveness of the method
    Final evaluation
    Self-evaluation will be a constant process in the TC and therefore each of the young people will be
    able to appreciate at the end of the course what are the new competences he/she has acquired.

If you are interested to participate in this activity, please fill the following form and submit it: https://forms.gle/zLBedD4467nP2MaV7.

Deadline for submitting the form: 20 March.

Only selected participants will be contacted until 27 March.